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Join millions in discovering science- backed meditation techniques to release stress, reduce anxiety and experience a more restful sleep.

"It's the life changing app" - The People's Daily

Here's what members say about urbanYogi

“Loula Love has become my daily guide during this pandemic. Meditating to her sessions gives me the much needed calm for my mind.”

- Natasha Smith, USA

“Awesome app if you are a beginner. Has some series of daily meditation. Also, has a lot of categories to select from according to your mood. Loved it. 👍🏻”

Yashowardhan Gopal, India

“Apps like these should be a basic app like a clock or calendar. Mental Health is the most important thing next to your physical health”

Jack Scott, United Kingdom

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Sleep better

Drift off to urbanYogi's Sleep Stories, music, and meditations each night.

Reduce stress

Utilize meditations, breathing exercises, and other mindfulness techniques to reduce stress.

Build resilience

Learn skills and develop habits to strengthen your mind, cultivate more mindfulness, and build resilience.

Increase focus

Sharpen your mind and find your flow with expertly curated music, meditations, and nature sounds.

Relax Mind

Practice light stretching and physical exercises designed to relax your body and mind.

Feel energised

Stay alert all day and want feel better in your body.

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